JobHackathon is an initiative of We offer the JobHackathon as an add-on service for regions that implement our platform. The goal is to support as many people as possible to find work and education that fit their passion. JobHackathons are offered to 100-1.000 people per event. Approximately 70% of all participants sign a job contract within 24 hours.

Social Architecture

Regional Cooperation to Rebuild Economy

We recognize four main stakeholders in the labour market: REGION (black), EMPLOYER (blue), INDIVIDUAL (green), and, EDUCATION (orange). We believe that technology should enable all stakeholders to take action themselves. We are convinced that a trusted community that can organize itself can ignite economic opportunities for the good of all.

Each point on the MetroMap generates specific information. We store that information in CockpitWork, our big data analysis tool. For the JobHackathons, we enable our algorithms to pre-select individuals, employers and educational institutions to be matched during the event.

We comply with the GDPR of the European Union. CockpitWork generates insights for all stakeholders to take action. Without action, no result!